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Top 3 Tips for Simplifying Your Reels Content Creation

content creation social media Mar 24, 2022
Top 3 Tips for Simplifying Your Reels Content Creation

Do you feel like you're spending way too much time creating your social media content each day?⁠

Many users feel this way... especially when it comes to creating Reels!⁠

(Keep reading for my top 3 tips to help with this!)

It's astonishing how much time and energy goes into creating a 15-second video! (Getting it right on the first take is like scoring a hole-in-one... it just ain't going to happen without honing your skills first.)⁠

Since making videos is a massive time-suck, and it’s hard to carve out space in your calendar every day to do it, I waved my magic "SimplifEYEing" wand over this problem and came up with a better strategy.⁠

Here it goes...⁠


1. Plan your videos out in advance⁠

Take a look at your social content calendar and figure out how many Reels you need to create. Then, take some time brainstorming ideas, watching other Reels, and creating a plan of action. Are you using trending audio or using your own voice? Will you need to practice a transition or film it in one clip? What will your text bubbles say? It's easier to hit "record" once you have a template to follow and an end goal in mind!⁠

2. Create your Reels in batches⁠

Batching involves repeatedly doing one thing in one session. Rather than try to make a Reel every day or week, just set aside an afternoon or a day and get it all done in one go! The perk of batching your Reels is that it will take you less time because you won’t have to keep setting up your space, lighting, and equipment -- plus, you’ll be in true focus mode allowing for ease of creation and speed.⁠

3. Join Reels Rx

Reels are the hottest thing on Instagram and they're an absolute "must" when it comes to your strategy. So much so, that I've launched a new subscription for it: Reels Rx!

Every week, you'll get a "prescription" with 2 video trends, details on how to apply each trend to your eye care biz, examples, and direct links to the audio files so you can make your own Reels in minutes, not hours! Click here to simplify your Reels content creation today!


Now you have the secret formula for creating more Reels in less time! I'd like to know, which of these strategies are you going to implement first?