SimplifEYE Social offers boutique social media content marketing for the eye care & optical industry. 

I help eye care professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs grow their audiences and revenue organically using modern digital marketing strategies.

I offer social media training, creative content, and simplified solutions through monthly memberships, subscriptions, and other digital resources.

Hi, I'm Dr. Amanda Rights! 👋


I'm an Optometrist, social media educator, and digital content creator. I enjoy supporting fellow eye care pros through social media and biz tips, photography, and eye-catching graphic design.

My social media expertise has led to many opportunities over the years, including hosting workshops, developing courses, and speaking as a panelist at trade shows. I've also contributed content to and been interviewed by numerous industry magazines, national and international media publications, and a nationally syndicated radio show.

I founded SimplifEYE Social to give you the creative tools you need to bring your brand and business into the spotlight online. My mission is to make social media marketing FUN for eye care pros, while keeping things SIMPLE.

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Boutique Content Marketing for the Eye Care Industry 

Several years ago, I became frustrated with the lack of stylish stock photography and graphics available for eye care professionals and practices. I was building a website, writing a blog, and curating social media content, but couldn't find attractive and affordable visuals anywhere.

That's when I started learning how to do it myself: photography, graphic design, web design, marketing, and more...

However, I realized that spending the time and energy learning how to design and create content is not feasible for everyone — especially not busy working professionals, business owners, or students — and so the idea for SimplifEYE Social was born.

Over the years of building an online brand and collaborating with companies as an eye care influencer, I've learned the power of producing high-quality content: It's captivating and engaging and makes powerful first impressions. It gets massive audience growth and visibility, which translates to more opportunities in your career and more prospective patients choosing YOU over your competition for their eye health and visual needs.

I have a passion for content creation and a knack for transforming blurry into breathtaking—and I help other eye care professionals, newbie bloggers, ambitious influencers, and eye care entrepreneurs do just that.

With the help of beautifully curated photos, graphics, templates, and other content marketing solutions, my mission is to help fellow eye care professionals & business owners save time, create stunning promotional content for their career and/or business, and level up their visual branding that finally makes content marketing simple.



Feeling STUCK in your business because your social media accounts aren't converting to more products sold and services booked?

Spending HOURS trying to create social media content that represents you and your brand?

Feeling OVERWHELMED when it comes to the "tech" side of things?

Feeling LOST when it comes to keeping up with the latest social media platform features, trends, and keeping your followers engaged?

Or maybe you just want to save more TIME, STRESS, and MONEY by outsourcing so you can focus on your business!


Done-For-You Content


My content calendars, styled stock photos, social media graphics, captions, and customizable templates are known to save you a ton of time and creative energy.

I offer a variety of one-time content solutions or recurring subscription & membership options, depending on your content marketing needs.


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Social Media Coaching


The best way to get my training is by becoming a member of the Social SocEYEty, where you get immediate access to the Social Success Framework, interactive workshops & challenges, access to the members' only community, and unlimited support from me.


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Grow your eye care & optical business organically on social media without the overwhelm. With a variety of membership and subscription options, you can get started with simplifying your social media marketing today.

I get it. You didn't know running a business also meant becoming a professional photographer, designer, and social media manager...


I understand the challenge of building an eye-catching online brand that appeals to your ideal patient. I know the feeling because I've been there. As a full-time optometrist and part-time entrepreneur, I was struggling to create content for multiple social media accounts and websites. I spent hours hunting through irrelevant and unappealing free images or attempted to shoot unique, attractive photos myself. 

It's truly eye-opening to realize the sheer number of visuals and designs the modern business needs!

Between posting daily to your Instagram feed, having images for blog posts, and Pinterest Pins — not to mention engaging Instagram Stories, Facebook posts, email newsletters, and keeping your website updated — creating content for your practice can be overwhelming and often overlooked, but...

Good visuals are non-negotiable.

As eye care professionals, we know the power of sight and vision. Good visuals help you get noticed and be remembered. When done right, your brand + business looks more professional, more successful, and more appealing. You can't build a business without truly being SEEN.

SimplifEYE Social was founded with a simple mission:

To help others in the eye care industry eliminate their content creation overwhelm and have more time doing the things they truly love in their career and business.

So many of us want more brand awareness and visibility, but we can't seem to make an impact with our content.


You don't know how to design it, you don't have time to create it, or you don't know what to say...

You simply want to schedule appointments, sell eyewear, and connect with your patients & audience without worrying about if your content is engaging enough, or "spectacular" enough to capture their attention.

Here's the deal:

I take aesthetically pleasing photos, design professional graphics, and teach you how to plan and create better social media content.

So, are you finally ready to stop stressing over social media and start sharing next-level content that boosts your eye care & optical business?




Get more done and save more time by letting someone else do the work! Now you'll have more time to focus on caring for patients, running a busy practice, and doing more of what you love!


Let someone else take care of the planning, creation, and behind-the-scenes work so you can stop stressing and focus more on providing the best care for your patients!


Get it done for a fraction of the cost of hiring a team of expensive graphic designers, photographers, and social media managers to do it for you. Simply attracting ONE new patient to your office covers any investment you make with me.

Have questions?

Send me a message on Instagram or email at [email protected] to let me know how I can help!

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