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with our stock photos & graphics, content calendars, customizable templates, and more digital resources, designed specifically for the eye care industry.

What We Offer

No matter your skill level or ability, SimplifEYE Social can help you simplify your eye care practice's social media marketing.

Social SocEYEty

Social media training + ready-to-post content membership with a monthly content calendar, photos, graphics, resources, live co-working calls, community, and more.

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Spectacular Stories

A monthly Instagram & Facebook Story content subscription designed to boost your audience engagement and promote your eye care practice's products & services.

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Hi, I'm Dr. Amanda Rights! 👋


I'm an Optometrist, social media educator, and digital content creator. I enjoy supporting fellow eye care pros through social media and biz tips, photography, and eye-catching graphic design.

My social media expertise has led to many opportunities over the years, including hosting workshops, developing courses, and speaking as a panelist at trade shows. I've also contributed content to and been interviewed by numerous industry magazines, national and international media publications, and a nationally syndicated radio show.

I founded SimplifEYE Social to give you the creative tools you need to bring your brand and business into the spotlight online. My mission is to make social media marketing FUN for eye care pros, while keeping things SIMPLE.

Visual content ready in the blink of an eye

We offer different visual content solutions, whether you're looking to have it done for you or templates for you to DIY.

Here's a glimpse at the type of content you'll find within our libraries:

Stock Photos

500+ styled and seasonal stock photos, including eye care, eyewear, fashion, lifestyle, holidays, and more.

Included in Social SocEYEty

Quotes + Graphics

500+ colorful quotes, graphics, and other designs, ready for you to simply download and post on social media!

Included in Social SocEYEty

Canva Templates

Hundreds of customizable templates for all of your social media and digital marketing needs. 

Included in the Template Lab coming in 2022

Don't have time to create eye-catching content to attract new patients to your practice?  

Unlock an all-access pass to our ever-growing image libraries, with 1,000+ styled & seasonal stock photos and ready-to-post quotes and graphics. Over 50 new visuals are added every month!

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Written content for your mind's eye

We offer different copywriting and content solutions, whether you're looking to have it planned out for you or templates for you to copy and paste.

Here's a glimpse at the type of content solutions we offer:

Content Calendar

Preplanned content calendar with a daily prompt to inspire you when creating social media posts, videos, blog posts, podcast episodes, and all your other digital content.

Included in the Social SocEYEty membership


Simply fill in the blanks and copy-and-paste these prewritten captions to your social media posts, saving you hours of work each month! 

Included in the Caption Cure


Looking for more?

Browse our shop on Etsy for more digital downloads and resources, such as customizable practice printables & patient education handouts, planners, action plans, templates, and curated visual content collections.

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